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Homoeopathy, as per World Health Organisation, is the second largest system of medicine in the world. India has the largest numbers of homoeopaths as well as users. Homoeopathy has uniqueness in treating the patients with its holistic approach, individualisation and ultra-nano-doses. Homoeopathy does a lot than what other systems can't do and homoeopathy has its own limitation like any other system. According to the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, an independent research body of Government of India, following diseases well-respond to

Homoeopathic Teatment :

  • Diseases of viral origin - Hepatitis, Rhinitis, Influenza, Conjunctivitis, Eruptive fevers (Chicken pox, Measles, Herpes Zoster) etc. 
  • Common problems of Children, acute or chronic, which are not life threatening. 
  • Complaints during pregnancy, labor and puerperium. 
  • Skin diseases: Skin allergies (Atopic Dermatitis, Urticaria), Psoriasis, Eczema, Warts, Corns, etc. 
  • Diseases of Psychosomatic origin: Migraine, Acid Peptic Diseases, Irritable Bowel syndrome, etc. 
  • Female disorders: menstrual irregularities, Dysmenorrhoea, Reproductive Tract Infection, Menopausal syndrome, Cervicitis and Cervical erosion etc. 
  • Mental disorders like Anxiety neurosis, Depression etc. 
  • So called surgical diseases : Renal Calculi, Benign Prostate Enlargement, Piles, Anal Fissure/Fistula etc. 
  • Homoeopathy can enhance the healing process and reduce the recovery period especially after surgeries and deliveries and hasten the union of fractured bones etc. 
  • Homoeopathy can assist in relieving conditions of drug dependents and help in overcoming withdrawal symptoms.

Homoeopathy has limited scope in the following diseases:

  • Irreversible/advanced organic changes e.g. complete optic atrophy, advanced pulmonary tuberculosis, etc. 
  • In artificial chronic diseases resulting from long continued use of allopathic medicines, in large doses 
  • In cases, where the individualizing features are lacking, which are essential for selecting a Homoeopathic medicine 
  • Where the patient is lacking a vital organ, e.g. a patient whose spleen has been removed previously may very well be palliated from time to time, but cannot be completely cured. 
  • Severe hypertension with complications damaging eyes, kidneys, brain, etc. 
  • Severe diabetes mellitus with complications 
  • In cases where surgery is unavoidable and in case of congenital defects, e.g. Strangulated hernia, cleft palate, mitral stenosis, etc. 

In each of these situations, Homoeopathy can provide corollary assistance, improve quality of life and act as a complementary therapy.

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